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Beast 1333 – Lemuria

Beast 1333, is an American rapper of Puerto Rican descent with a global, cult like following. Born in Brooklyn, New York (Jan.13,1982) he now resides in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City.

He is distinguished by his arcane and occult lyrics, cosmic science teaching style and anti-global governance imagery and symbolism.

Upon completion of his studies within the temple of Hip Hop organization in early 2009, he founded the “Templars of Hip Hop” record label. His first track, “Mouth of Madness” became viral and was crowned an instant, underground Hip Hop classic.

Beast 1333 has collaborated with KRS One, Immortal Technique, Channel Live, Ruste Juxx, Tony Touch, Tragedy Khadafi, K-Rino, Ras Kass & many other established Hip Hop artists. . .


Evolutionary and bridging, root race were tall Hermaphroditic’s
Super Bio-Dome, hyper advanced Math Analytics
Underground pound like Riddick, mapping Earth plate tectonics
Future Weaponry, unleashing great earthquakes and comets
Visco elasticize, Big bBang as Universe born blast to size
Composed of etheric matter at Mt. Meru’s where it Plasticized
Had Yellow Skin, the Esoteric Continent of Plashka
Black Lemurians building Shelters on Mt. Shasta
Breeded Dinosaurs, they themselves were Born & came to Term in Eggs
Brown Malayan features of a Toltec, crushed Akkadian Heads
They Chanted Tao centuries before they Ever chanted Ohm
The Greatest Civilization was Atlantis, wasn’t Ceasars’ Rome
They Flew in Ships, master of the ancient Wisdom slept in Orbs
With brains Three times the size of Normal Folk
To Help Absorb, ascended Masters, Dharmic, the Yogis Conquered Matter Plane
Egyptian God Amenhotep, Preceded Akhenaten’s Reign
I’m St. Germain, Planetary Buddha as well as Cosmic Christ
Theosophist Blavatsky floating city Shining Blinding
Akashic mother Teachings Increasingly growing syncretistic
Cappadocian Father, Pseudo-Dionysius of Mystics
Henry Corbin pupils of the School of all Illumination
Archetypal Gnosticism, Human Souls for Elevation
Lady Nada, Afra, the coming of Sanat Kumara
Immortal Master of the Himalayas, praise Babaji’s Father
Transmutation, Epistemological Justification
Rational empirical Approaches, ain’t no Trepidation
Transcendental Deities, the Attributes of Elementals
Goodness is Divinity and Justice Served is Good for Mental
Swam Poseidon intercessions, Blessed Figures Captured Gliding
Green skin God of the Dead, Osiris Symbol Rising
Wild Coyotes, Santa Muerte Desert bound, They Smoked Peyote
Go against the Yama-Bunta, Lord of Hell it takes Guevotes
Trot through Hades, small coins for passage place them in the Mouth
Prayers for the Dead inscribed on Catacombs they Buried South
Divine as Scriptures, simply am a tool to help paint Vivid Pictures
Neo-pagans Supernatural Beings, classified Celestial
Proto-Indo Euro Tribe, golden apples tossed for Scribes
Hyper Cosmic Powers of the Gods they took on Earthly Wives
They Gathered Clouds, the symbol of a Bull or Oak is always Zeus
Growing off each others called Budding’s, how the Reproduced
Had human Heads, the Body was a Lion, Tiger or a Bear
Made to eat the Corpses of their Enemies incisors Tear
Incas were Social, Vril powered battleships were Sailing Coastal
Alternating Dark and Golden Ages at the Cycles No Show
Blazing Comet White Horse, procession seated Avatar
Demigods, Magi as Biblical as Balthazar
Ganesha breaking off a Tusk, stashing food up on the Moon
Banished to the Outer Atmosphere to Damn the Waxing Moon
Theres Solids, Liquids also Gas, Ether Seen by Mystic Seers
Permeating Fluid Crystal structures stood a Million years
Its Metaphysics, Prana is the Life Sustaining Vital Force
Indiscriminately sub atomic particles Change Course
Aggressive Humans dropping from they Feet to Worship Abraham
Melchizedek, The Secret of the Gods with Calloused Labor Hands
Conditioning they Counterparts can Lead them to Insanity
Krishna was the Godheads Supreme Personality
Love is Unconditional, Lord Metatron Traditional
The Great Divine Director lifestream was Inadmissible
Characteristic languages Inflectional Advanced Linguistics
Human races weren’t prepared, they running scared ballistic
Help to Set up Modern Lotto, gun powder Rocket Bottles
Hyperboreal Creatures having Orgies way fore Heffner’s
Radioactive Dating Data, tropical the tribes are Scattered
Evolution Cosmologically is really all that Matters

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