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Rare Alex Collier 1996 Lecture: The Moon, Mars and Hollow Earth

In this rare 1996 lecture by Alex Collier, delve into the intriguing topics of the Moon, Mars, and the Hollow Earth. Collier, known for his controversial insights, provides a unique perspective on these celestial bodies, unraveling mysteries and proposing thought-provoking ideas. Explore the depths of his theories as he takes you on a journey through uncharted territories of space and the Earth’s enigmatic core.

Alex Collier’s 1996 lecture leaves viewers captivated with a blend of speculative theories and compelling narratives. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the exploration of lunar secrets, Martian mysteries, and the concept of a Hollow Earth offers a mind-stimulating experience. Watch with an open mind and draw your conclusions from this rare glimpse into Collier’s unconventional perspective on the cosmos.

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