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It’s funny, I have been planning on redoing this video and just started working on it, when guess who makes a comeback? This a longer version of a previous video on this topic. Now i think it was too short and didn’t explain enough. There is much more to be discussed about this 17th letter […]

Roger Morneau – A Trip Into The Supernatural (full testimony)

Roger Morneau was a retired salesman who has dedicated his life to an intercessory prayer ministry. He wrote A Trip Into the Supernatural, Incredible Answers to Prayer, More Incredible Answers to Prayer, When You Need Incredible Answers to Prayer, and The Incredible Power of Prayer. “Face it, Morneau, you’re not your own master. I wish […]

History of the New World Order (Flat Out Truth)

History Of The New World Order – Secret Societies And The Matrix We Live In (parts 1-3) Part 1 (5:28) Origins (9:21) Kabbalah (10:36) Gnosticism (11:41) Knights Templar (13:34) Rosicrucians (14:11) Freemasons (15:09) Illuminati (21:09) Occult symbols of French revolution (22:49) Rothschilds, Napoleon & war of 1812 (26:53) Congress of Vienna (27:53) America & the […]

The Knights of Zion (2019 Full Documentary)

Centuries after their inception, the Freemasons’ secret rites and rituals remain as mysterious as ever. Even in the boiling political climate we find ourselves in today, the beliefs of this deceptively powerful order remains hidden behind metaphor, symbolism, and charity. But where do the insidious conspiracies of global control originate from, and do they have […]

The Occult World Peace Plan | The United Nations | Lucis Trust

Proponents of world peace claim that humanity is moving into the New Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is allegedly and transition into a new era for society; a time of peace, joy and harmony among the citizens of the world. This new age utopia includes the formation of a new religion – the […]

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow (2014)

Exposing the New Age Zeitgeist Movement’s Propaganda & It’s Role In Bringing About the New World Order & Who the Real People & Power Behind the Scenes Are

Masonry’s Satanic Doctrine – From Their Own Books (Original Classic)

Masonry’s Satanic Doctrine – From Their Own Books (Original Classic) – This film proves beyond shadow of doubt that Masonry is Satanic/Luciferian at its core. This is proven by going to the mass amount of literature published by Masonic authorities (e.g., Official Masonic Monitors) and many renowned Freemasons.

TAVISTOCK: The Hidden Social Engineering Machine 

When you think of intelligence agencies, you typically think about CIA, MI6, M0SSAD, but rarely does anyone say “Tavistock”. This video unveils the truths of the hidden social engineering machine and the power players behind it. This research comes directly from the books of Dr. John Coleman.

WHO THEY ARE & WHY THEY LIE: The Complete Series

With “who they are” and “why they lie” still being the most common and difficult questions to answer, I decided to combine our 2 part series for ease of viewing. Now you can share with family and not have them find new links. Links to the original 2 part series: Part 1:    • WHO “THEY” ARE & …   Part 2: […]

How The Jesuits Control The Media – Walter Veith

In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith, we will investigate the role of these groups in history and end-time prophecy. We will learn about famous families such as the Medicis that changed Christianity into a man-centered religion. Examine an old document that reveals Jesuit tactics of control and manipulation. There is a pattern of change […]

The Hidden Agendas of The Secret Society and Freemasonry – Walter Veith

The Hidden Agendas of The Secret Society and Freemasonry – Walter Veith Thanks for watching and following our channel, please subscribe and like our channels for more videos of Randy skeete For any Question, send us an email to Follow our facebook page – , SUBSCRIBE NOW HERE –

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars (2016)

“All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars” Written and spoken by Michael Rivero. A video by Zane Henry Productions. All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars explores a common central banking connection behind America’s wars. Direct quotes from the founders, presidents, and other world leaders are cited regarding each of the major wars America was involved in, beginning with […]