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The BlueTRUTH Documentary

Documentary: BLUETRUTH. Scientific Proof the Vaxed Emit a Bluetooth Signal. IoB, IntraBody, Nano Network

BlueTruth Documentary Shows COVID Vaccinated People Emit Frequencies Short 32-minute documentary shows Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavalo, the president of the World Health and Life Coalition (COMUSAV), using an electromagnetic frequency meter on a sample of people in Mexico who had taken COVID ‘vaccines’ and comparing them to unvaccinated people.

Dr. Pedro Zavala and Comusav World Health & Life Coalition presents BLUETRUTH documentary exposing the people who are jabbed are connected to an unidentified IoB digital Bluetooth network…Prysmian Group Cartel controls the fiber optics, telecom and submarine cable installations worldwide and installing the first mass commercial offshore WindFarm in USA, off coast of Martha’s Vineyard…

Language: Spanish with English Subtitles

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