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Are DMT entities dangerous and what did the Ancient Egyptians Know?

Unlike Pharaoh Akhenaten’s “Blue Lotus”, Egyptian authorities in the 21st Century say a modern day pill called The Blue Elephant is a dangerous type of Dimethyltryptamine, that can lead to madness and worse.

People who experience it say they travel to a world filled with strange entities. But where is this world and what are these entities? Can quantum mechanics help us understand? And is DMT really as safe as everyone says it is?

0:00 Preview: DMT Entity Encounter Survey “Worship Me”
0:23 Intro: Ancient Egypt’s Real Multiverse of Madness
2:23 The Blue Elephant DMT
3:26 Pharaoh Akhenaten’s Blue Lotus
4:43 Hyperspace: What are DMT Entities?
6:50 Barzakh: The Space Between Spaces
8:17 String Theory and The 4th Dimension
10:45 The Blue Elephant and the Djinn King
16:16 The Eye of Horus and the Pineal Gland

Voiceover by Omar Attia
Edited by Abdullah Yahya
Executive Producer Abdullah Yahya

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