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The Knights of Zion (2019 Full Documentary)

Centuries after their inception, the Freemasons’ secret rites and rituals remain as mysterious as ever. Even in the boiling political climate we find ourselves in today, the beliefs of this deceptively powerful order remains hidden behind metaphor, symbolism, and charity.
But where do the insidious conspiracies of global control originate from, and do they have any basis in reality? What is the intrinsic relationship between Masonic demeanor and Jewish mysticism? And do these two schools of thought hold a conflict of interest?
I’ve put together this documentary in hopes of shedding light on these questions that have continued to confound historians for a millennia.

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The purpose of this documentary is purely for education and entertainment to preserve history, no infringement is intended, all clips are used under fair use.

Music credits:
Ghost Theatre – Michiru Yamane
Lakebed – Koji Kondo
Briefing – Harry Gregson Williams
Marketplace _ Michael McCann
Omen – Ryan Amon
Screams in the Dark – Noboyushi Sano
The Reverse Will – Akira Yamaoka

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