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DMT – The Hidden Reality 2020

Everything changes and fades, even spiriitual experience.

This is a fictional story of a young man named Jacob who, while dreaming, discovered a doorway to a co-dimension of existence and a feminine energy named Evelin who whispered to him the truth about reality. But this may have been a trick carried out by the Jungian shadow: Neivel, who claims to be Evelin.
Two men with televisions for heads live in the metaphysical “designer” world, while Neivel and his mercurial assistant Sebastian live in the material world.
Is the mysterious beauty found in Evelin nothing more than a trick by Neivel, or is she an authentic representation of goodness?
The answer and more await you in EVELIN’S AUTUMN LEAVES | A Ghostly Story About DMT & THE SHADOW.

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Mouthy Buddha

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