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Touchless Torture, Judea’s Psychotronic Inquisition

This video will serve as an initiation for most of you about what is truly going on. Please watch the entire documentary no matter how hard it may be to watch as their is vital life saving information in this video that we all need to know.

This video will help you see through the deception and make you aware of their true agenda which is to infect the whole world with Q-Dots. This video will help you understand the gravity of Humanity’s situation and what kind of action needs to be taken to stop it.

Angelic Humanity Vimeo:
Since Judaism’s successful launch of the 66 books of the Bible in 324 AD, The Council of Nicea, and the subsequent infiltration of the Vatican in 1566 by Crypto Jew and founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, Judea’s primary Warfare has been Subversive Ideological Warfare by performing “Theater” upon the world stage, thereby controlling public perception. Theater creates age-long misdirection in mass consciousness. Ancient examples of theater that today still affect the collective thinking of Mass Consciousness can be found in the stories of religious books such as the Bible, Torah and Koran.

The devil always leaves his signature on his handy work, just as he did when he excluded 14 books from the Original 80 books of the bible making it 66 books; just as when he murdered 66 million white Russians and wiped it from history, just as when he hijacked public perception by teaching us the Earth revolves around the Sun at 66,600 MPH, and just as surely as carbon constitutes our DNA, which makes the life on earth carbon based, the devil’s signature exists in the components of the carbon atom, represented by 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 Electrons… You reading this are here to change the devil’s program.
During our current era the examples of theater used by the enemy to counteract the minds, the true intentions and the movements of the millions of souls who incarnated during this micro window of time in order to deflect humanity from going into a transhumanistic timeline, can be found in the highly advanced mind control doctrine of both, the Metatronic and Guardian Teachings.

Evidence of the Judia’s plan to create New Age cult movements via CIA MKUltra mind controlled slaves masquerading as enlightened gurus can be traced to dedicated Luciferians, Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky. Just as our ancient religious beliefs were programmed into our collective Psyche by the forefathers of Judaism, our new age religious beliefs are also Jewish creations. The concepts held by followers of “so called” channeled teachings are thought implants; directed and managed by and through the collaborative efforts of three Jewish controlled institutions- KGB/MOSSAD/CIA – Organized Jewry’s triad of public thought control.

“International Judea’s” ceaseless Psychological Warfare through the control of religions, governments, schools, news & entertainment media, has caused all of us to become indefinitely distracted from the ACTUAL horrors that The vision of Judah aims to fully and permanently manifest in our reality. If Judea’s subversive and psychological warfare and vision of a dystopian transhumanistic future is allowed to eventuate, this world will be a world in which everyone’s thoughts will be programmed into them via the AI Supercomputer God of Israel, which will be headquartered in the blood drenched unholy land of Jerusalem and Starlink (Scalar/5G) Satellite network will serve as it’s far reaching tentacles, psychotronically attacking any and all dissident to the Jew World Order.

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