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Originally released January 15, 2021 at

Endorsed by Former General Michael Flynn on Truth Social on 7/14/2022:
“…another impactful, powerful and epic film. To understand the evil inside the mind of someone who would hurt a child for indescribable purposes is beyond my imagination but it is very real. This film will go down in history as one of the most important in human history. Must see.”

Journalist Liz Crokin on Truth Social on 6/28/2022:
“This is a very informative mini-documentary connecting a lot of dots of people who have been “suicided” who were exposing or potentially had planned to expose trafficking and elite pedophile rings.”

Sorry for the audio quality. This was long before I purchased my first professional microphone, and I recorded this on an iPhone.

Transcript & Sources:

Written by Adam Riva and edited by filmmaker Mouthy Buddha, SUICIDED takes a closer look at the curious lives and deaths of those who sought to expose the silent epidemic of child trafficking.

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