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Metro Examiner Presents: Synagogue of SATAN (Parts 1-3)

Christ spoke of the SYNAGOGUE of Satan, those who say they are J E W S and are NOT. History has tried to cover up the BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD and that is of the KHAZARIAN PEOPLE and their strange migration from the Caucasus mountains to the Holy Land. There are others connected to this great cover up. Let HISTORY speak for itself…

Thy Queendom Come; The Devil’s Secret Agenda (Mystery Babylon Series Volume One) available now on Audio book, e-book and paperback. 500+ pages, 100+ pictures and documents, 200+ references exposing the BEAST, the Serpent’s seed and their agenda.

Synagogue of SATAN Part 1 – From the Caucasus mountains to the Holy Land – KHAZARIAN IMPOSTERS

Synagogue of Satan Part 2 – The Ashkenazi-Arab-African Connection

Synagogue of Satan Part 3- DOCTRINE OF DEVILS!

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