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Beyonce Illuminati Ritual At 2013 Super Bowl Exposed

Beyonce Illuminati Ritual At 2013 Super Bowl Exposed

The top story on Yahoo News the day after this year’s super bowl was, “Did Beyonce flash an illuminati sign?” next to a photograph of her making a pyramid with her hands. Melissa Melton’s special report considers the evidence that these super bowl half-time shows have a much darker subliminal mass conditioning agenda.

Beyonce. Illuminati. What do these two words have in common? Apparently a lot lately as speculation has been building phenomenally over the last few years about her royal highness Beyonce, and the Illuminati. Accusations are coming from all angles and even the media has picked up on the speculation about Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z’s involvement with the clandestine organization that allegedly runs the world.

At first these allegations started out as the chatter of internet conspiracy theorists but the questions have snowballed into the mainstream media and now has become common talk amongst people who four years ago never even heard of the Illuminati. It doesn’t help that every time Beyonce makes a video she appears to have numerous occult symbols for the conspiracy theorists to feed off of.

Her songs are broken down lyric by lyric and examined for the hidden meanings. There are sites and videos all over the internet that have frame by frame breakdowns of Beyonce’s Illuminati symbols in her songs. Some people claim to have “exposed” or “decoded” the meaning behind Beyonce and Jay-Z naming their baby Blue Ivy (more on that later).

Everywhere you turn now references are being made to Beyonce and the Illuminati. Even the tabloids have taken to asking the question is Beyonce in the Illuminati. For every hand position or symbol made by Beyonce, Illuminati connections are implicated. The clothing and earrings Beyonce wears also serve as proof that Beyonce is in the Illuminati

You can’t fault people for making these assumptions though. Beyonce is using a lot of occult symbols in her music videos. The question is, are these decisions being made by her or the people who direct the videos? To answer this question and get down to the truth about Beyonce and the Illuminati lets discuss briefly who the Illuminati are.

Beyonce and the Illuminati. What’s the Connection?

The majority of people who are online searching for info about Beyonce and the Illuminati are not completely well-informed as to who or what the “Illuminati” actually is. This is because many of the outlets and people disseminating information about the “Illuminati” are only giving out bits and pieces of information that fit into their own agendas. Most of the information “exposing” people as a part of the Illuminati is coming from a Christian point of view that attacks anything perceived as non-Christian by called it Satan worshipping.
For example if Beyonce has on a shirt that says “I love ancient Egypt” the assumption is of course that Beyonce is Illuminati and she worships the devil. Or Beyonce is an Illuminati puppet being used to help control everyone’s mind.
In order to come close to an understanding on this topic Is Beyonce Illuminati we have to attempt to understand what the actual term “Illuminati” refers to. Who are the Illuminati and why should you care? Is the Illuminati in the industry. Is the illuminati in the music industry using pop stars as puppets to control people?

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